Mary Jane’s Medicinal’s: Pain Relief & Healing Salve

Mary Jane’s Medicinals pain salve has been available in Colorado for three years, and has now become available in California. It’s an all natural cannabis infused topical salve that truly does alleviate pain and helps heals any skin or body symptoms and ailments. The salve can be used for psoriasis to arthritis, to muscle pain, surgical pain, and more. To test its effectiveness, we handed out samples of to several of our patient readers. Across the board, patients reported that it worked. Though it does not get you high, rubbing it all over the affected area and indulging in a bath, you will most definitely feel a deep relaxation effect.

Made with jojoba, orange essential oil, avocado oil, peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, and other essential oils, patients experience not only pain relief, but skin relieving effects, in addition to experiencing the health benefits of the cannabis infusion. When applied to clean and dry skin, it activates the endocannibinoids already present in your system, which means thats if you use edibles or smoke marijuana regularly, the topical will use the cannabinoids that have built up in your system to stimulate healing.

It consistently and successfully helped treat acne, scrapes, burns, back pain, neck pain, psoriasis, chapped lips, muscle cramps, period cramps, pain from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and more. The most compelling testimony of all was a patient that had an open wound in her chest for five years, as a result from radiation from breast cancer. She began using this pain salve, and remarkably within five days the hole in her chest closed up, changing this woman’s life. The product is packaged in a small blue glass container, which can be easily up-cycled: it can be cleaned out when empty and used to store a bud stash, or other small items.

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