Substitute Teacher Fired for Allegedly Smoking Pot in Front of Class

This teacher never learned there’s a time and a place for everything.

It reads like something from a stoner comedy movie. But according to school officials in North Attleborough, Massachusetts it’s real life. And like the old cliché says, sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Students at North Attleborough High School recently had a substitute teacher for one of their classes. At some point during the school day, the substitute teacher allegedly started smoking weed—in a classroom full of students.

Students Report Weed-Smoking Substitute Teacher

According to reports from local news source WHDH News 7, the students immediately reported the incident to school administrators. And when officials heard what happened, the substitute teacher was promptly fired.

“The incident at North Attleborough High School was entirely unexpected and unprecedented and it was in no way a reflection of the great students, faculty, staff, and families of this great school and community,” school principal Peter Haviland told WHDH News 7.

Similarly, it is also unclear if the teacher will face any sort of criminal charges. But local media reports that the incident remains under investigation.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Massachusetts. However, it is not legal to smoke in public. The prohibition against smoking in public includes schools—especially when you’re the one teaching the class at a public school.

Public Schools Battling Weed and Vaping

This incident is the latest example of public schools dealing with weed-related issues. The North Attleborough incident is definitely unique in that it involves a teacher consuming marijuana on campus. Most other instances are about students.

Specifically, public schools in a few locations around the country have started trying to crack down on vaping. That includes both THC cartridges and nicotine vapes.

Most recently, school officials in Ohio started letting cops bring drug-sniffing dogs into their schools. The K-9 units conduct hallway sweeps looking for THC and vape products.

Similarly, a number of public schools in Utah have started installing vape detectors in bathrooms. According to administrators at these schools, the move is aimed at finding students who are trying to vape at school.

In most cases, these detectors cost schools several thousand dollars. And from the sounds of things, the vape detectors are turning up mixed results. In some schools, they are allowing administrators to crack down on students. And in other schools, officials have not been able to get the detectors to work.

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