California Cannabis Employees Can Unionize Easier with New Law A new California law says cannabis companies can’t prevent their workers from organizing and joining unions. If a California cannabis business wants to get a license, it will have to let its employees unionize. That’s according to a new state law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom this … Continue reading

California Destroys $1 Billion Worth of Seized Marijuana Plants State and federal law enforcement agencies have eradicated a nearly 500-acre grow site with more than 10 million plants. In a macabre scene of destruction befitting the Halloween season, more than 10 million cannabis plants were chopped, mulched and incinerated last week after state and federal law enforcement … Continue reading

Best Dispensaries in Northern California Planning a trip to NorCal? Here are a few places to keep an eye out for. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and they’ve recently implemented recreational marijuana laws. Because of California’s long history with legal marijuana, there are now hundreds of storefront dispensaries. Here are the … Continue reading

Harborside Opens First Drive-Thru Dispensary in Southern California Harborside Opens First Drive-Thru Dispensary in Southern California In another win for the mainstreaming and normalization of cannabis, Southern California just got its first drive-thru dispensary. The Harborside dispensary in Desert Hot Springs, California is just the second drive-thru retail shop in the entire state, and the first … Continue reading