SUNY School Introduces a Cannabis Cultivation Program A state university is developing a program to bring cannabis cultivation education to New York. At colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, there is a rapidly growing trend of offering more and more cannabis-related courses. Now, a school in New York is taking that trend … Continue reading

New York Child Services Stops Flagging Parents for Marijuana In Home In New York City, parents who consume or possess cannabis will no longer face automatic child abuse investigations. Marijuana legalization and decriminalization is supposed to protect people and families from the pervasive and far-reaching consequences of prohibition. But across the United States, instances of … Continue reading

Beyonce’s Father Follows Jay Z Into Cannabis Industry It’s a family affair. Beyonce’s dad and former manager, Matthew Knowles, has just announced a new business venture that will propel him into the legal cannabis industry. With the move, Knowles is now the latest high profile figure to pivot into the industry. Interestingly—and apparently by pure … Continue reading

Michigan Pharmacy School Offers PharmSci 420 Course about Cannabis University of Michigan’s Pharm Sci 420 will offers students a multi-disciplinary approach to the science around cannabis. Now that Michigan is a weed-legal state, its universities are recognizing that jobs in the industry are about to be in high demand. And to prepare graduates for careers in the medical and … Continue reading