Cookies Oakland Is the New Heart of Oaksterdam Arguably the most iconic cannabis brand of the decade is expanding close to its San Francisco roots. Last Friday, the cannabis brand Cookies opened a new dispensary in Oakland, launching in the heart of the city’s downtown neighborhood. The Cookies brand is backed and inspired by the … Continue reading

A Group of California Trimmigrants Sue for Worker Protections A new potential class action lawsuit highlights a key difference between a legal cannabis market and an illegal one: a worker’s ability to turn to the courts for help. California cannabis workers have filed a major class action lawsuit against two cannabis companies, alleging that the … Continue reading

Five Fantastic CBD Skin-Care Products Cannabis Now lays out the best CBD-based products for your skin. In the world of beauty and skin care, few things are driving as much excitement as the potential benefits of cannabis topicals. Some of the most advanced cannabis tech projects right now are actually around growing obscure cannabinoids to … Continue reading

Ganja Gourmet: Spiced Canna-Cider Our THC-infused twist on a true fall classic. As the air turns crisp, the days get shorter and the sweater season is upon us, a warm, comforting drink is a necessity! Spiced cider is the perfect fall option—forever a classic, arriving on coffee-shop menus annually as the undeniable, official herald of autumn. Making your own … Continue reading