California Cannabis Employees Can Unionize Easier with New Law A new California law says cannabis companies can’t prevent their workers from organizing and joining unions. If a California cannabis business wants to get a license, it will have to let its employees unionize. That’s according to a new state law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom this … Continue reading

Seattle-Based Marijuana Delivery Service Could Be Using Drones Soon The plan could see cannabis taking flight as soon as next month. In an effort to save money on logistical costs, a cannabis company has announced its plans to deliver product to Seattle businesses with drones. The high-flying partnership was publicized last month by GRN Holding Corporation, which is carrying … Continue reading

Levi’s New Line of Hemp Clothing Reduces Water Waste Levi’s says its fiber technology specialists have cracked the code of making hemp feel just like cotton. Despite hemp’s long history as a material used to manufacture textiles and fabrics, modern garment producers have yet to embrace cannabis-based clothing. The reason, if you ask the biggest companies in … Continue reading

STUDY REVEALS SOCIAL MEDIA’S INFLUENCE ON TEEN CANNABIS CONSUMPTION Teens who engage with cannabis brands and marketing online a much more likely to consume cannabis than teens who don’t. A new study out in the journal “Drug and Alcohol Dependence” reveals some shocking data about social media’s influence on teen cannabis consumption. According to a survey … Continue reading