Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop Beefs with Quiznos for ‘Bandwagoning’ Cheba Hut’s founder isn’t happy about Quiznos and Carl’s Jr. jocking his style. The stoner-themed sandwich shop Cheba Hut has deep “roots” in cannabis counterculture. The Fort Collins-based restaurant was opened 21 years ago—long before today’s green rush— by anti-establishment restauranter Scott Jennings, and still remains a … Continue reading

20 Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Fail Mold and Yeast Tests Random tests for mold and yeast at more than two dozen Denver-area cannabis dispensaries resulted in 20 stores being ordered to hold or quarantine their cannabis flower, shake or pre-rolled joints. The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment conducted 25 tests over a two-day period … Continue reading