Edibles Officially Legal but Not for Sale in Canada So far, edibles and other cannabis extract-based products have only been legal for medical cannabis patients. One year ago today, on October 17, 2018, Canada made world history by becoming the second country on earth to legalize a right to buy and possess cannabis on a legal, regulated … Continue reading

Best Dispensaries In Washington In Washington and looking for weed? Here are twenty great places to start. Washington voters approved recreational marijuana back in 2012. Since then, the number of recreational dispensaries has grown to over one hundred. Whether you’re a local or visiting, it shouldn’t be hard to find a dispensary in Washington. However, finding … Continue reading

Ganja Gourmet: Salted Caramel Pecan Pot Pie Bring some modern holiday cheer to the party with this cannabis-infused, nondairy, egg-free spin on a holiday feast classic. Ingredients Crust: Premade frozen pie crust or no-bake graham-cracker crust Pecan filling: 2/3 cup creamy almond butter1/2 cup pure maple syrup1/2 cup virgin coconut oil4 tsp. pure vanilla extract1/2 … Continue reading