Medical Marijuana to be Grown at Former Pfizer Site in Puerto Rico Plants are beginning to replace pills. There is a silent but rapidly growing trend in the medical marijuana world. More and more, medical marijuana growers and producers are moving their operations into facilities formerly owned and operated by big pharmaceutical companies. Most recently, … Continue reading

11 Women-Run Weed Companies To Watch These female business executives are redefining an industry dominated by men through bongs, big data analytics, software, edibles and more. Not all news is bad news when it comes to women in weed. Though the percentage of women in weed—especially in executive positions—keeps declining, women have built some of … Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Appellations: What You Need to Know California is moving toward adopting official appellations for cannabis, certifying a strain’s regional origin. Here’s your guide for understanding what cannabis appellations are and why advocates hope that appellations will allow small, high-end growers to stand out in the market. From Maui Wowie to … Continue reading