California Destroys $1 Billion Worth of Seized Marijuana Plants State and federal law enforcement agencies have eradicated a nearly 500-acre grow site with more than 10 million plants. In a macabre scene of destruction befitting the Halloween season, more than 10 million cannabis plants were chopped, mulched and incinerated last week after state and federal law enforcement … Continue reading

Proposed Law Update Has Some Hemp Farmers Nervous Hemp farmers are growing anxious over proposed regulations. PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Hemp growers and entrepreneurs who were joyous a year ago after U.S. lawmakers reclassified the plant as a legal agricultural crop now are worried their businesses could be crippled if federal policymakers move ahead with draft … Continue reading

Levi’s New Line of Hemp Clothing Reduces Water Waste Levi’s says its fiber technology specialists have cracked the code of making hemp feel just like cotton. Despite hemp’s long history as a material used to manufacture textiles and fabrics, modern garment producers have yet to embrace cannabis-based clothing. The reason, if you ask the biggest companies in … Continue reading

Four Loko is Dropping a Hemp-Flavored Drink with no Hemp on 4/20 New data reveals the price per milligram of different cannabis infused products. With 4/20 rapidly approaching, companies all over the place are getting on the bandwagon and releasing special cannabis-themed products. Most recently, alcoholic beverage brand Four Loko announced a new cannabis-inspired drink. … Continue reading