New Mexico Judge Rules Non-Resident Medical Marijuana Patients Legal The judge’s ruling upholds a June rule change permitting nonresidents to obtain medical cannabis ID cards in New Mexico. In New Mexico, a legal dispute is brewing over whether or not out-of-state medical cannabis patients can access caregivers and dispensaries. New Mexico legalized medical marijuana in … Continue reading

$1M Missing from Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program, Audit Shows Arizona’s Auditor General says the Medical Marijuana Program is misspending money and not inspecting dispensaries. The Department of Health disagrees. Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program isn’t performing up to par, according to a newly released report from the Arizona Auditor General’s office. In the report, the Auditor General concludes … Continue reading

Florida Cops Kill Man After Smelling Weed and Won’t Release Videos Pensacola Police won’t release the dashboard and body cam footage that would support their version of the police killing of Tymar Crawford in July. On July 5th, a Pensacola, Florida police officer—the department won’t release the officer’s name—thought he smelled weed coming from a car. In some parts … Continue reading

Austin Politician Proposes Ban on Using Government Funds for THC Testing If approved, it would echo a move away from cannabis prosecution taking place state-wide. When Texas legalized hemp last year, it threw the state’s marijuana policing into some kind of chaos. All of a sudden, officers were largely left without proper testing technology to determine … Continue reading