Nevada’s Governor Vows To Tighten Control Over The State’s Cannabis Marketplace Governor Steve Sisolak criticized the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s lack of oversight concerning recreational and medical marijuana LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada’s governor expressed outrage Friday and vowed to tighten control of the state’s lucrative legal marijuana marketplace in response to reports that a foreign national contributed to two … Continue reading


Wellness Products Take Off in the Growing Recreational Cannabis Market With the rise of adult-use cannabis, experts see medicinal marijuana dominated by two distinct markets: wellness products and government-approved medicines. Is the U.S. medical marijuana industry doomed? Amid news reports suggesting that MMJ markets are plateauing or shrinking in some states—particularly those that have approved … Continue reading

University Researchers To Study Effects of Medical Cannabis On Chronic Pain The project will be subsidized by a $3.5 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which is a branch of the National Institutes of Health Researchers at the University of Georgia will study the effects of legalized medical cannabis on those suffering … Continue reading

Maine May Finally Have Legal Cannabis Retail by March 2020 Maine’s interminable journey toward legal marijuana may finally have an end date. Officials in Maine are projecting that cannabis will be on sale in stores by March 2020. A crucial piece of the state’s law has taken effect, which has enabled the Maine Office of … Continue reading

CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA LEGALIZES RECREATIONAL CANNABIS USE AND CULTIVATION The Australian capital of Canberra made history on Wednesday, becoming the first city in the country to legalize marijuana. The landmark measures were passed in the Australian Capital Territory [ACT] Legislative Assembly, clearing the way for individuals there aged 18 and over to possess and grow cannabis. … Continue reading