10 Best Things to Do While Stoned What are some fun things to do while stoned? This is a question that has an answer many may not expect. Today’s stoner is not the lazy jobless bum on the couch that reefer madness and decades of negative anti-cannabis propaganda has painted a picture of. Many stoners … Continue reading

PA to Treat Medical Marijuana for Parolees as Any Other Prescription The Pennsylvania Board of Parole and Parole provided guidance to officers suggesting they treat marijuana prescriptions like any other prescription. Pennsylvania is in the middle of what could be an important legal case dealing with medical marijuana. Specifically, there is a challenge to local … Continue reading

Best Dispensaries in Northern California Planning a trip to NorCal? Here are a few places to keep an eye out for. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and they’ve recently implemented recreational marijuana laws. Because of California’s long history with legal marijuana, there are now hundreds of storefront dispensaries. Here are the … Continue reading

Utah Picks Companies, Sites for Medical Cannabis ‘Pharmacies’ (enisTangneyJr/iStock) Utah health officials plan to award pharmacy licenses to 10 companies to dispense medical cannabis at 14 sites across the state, a major development in the program’s approaching launch. Utah’s medical cannabis program refers to dispensaries as “pharmacies,” emphasizing the program’s medical aspect. The chosen sites announced Friday … Continue reading