5 Cannabis Strains For Getting Cozy on Cold Days As the days get ever shorter and temperatures drop, the temptation to hygge it up indoors gets pretty strong. Leaving the house after dark (or at all) becomes a bit of a hard sell. So, when the urge to just stay home is strong and the Himalayan salt … Continue reading


End-of-Life Hospital Care in California Could Soon Include Cannabis The awkward legal-ish status of cannabis is something that affects many. And out of those, perhaps terminal patients are the most in need. When someone is painfully dying in a hospital, they are generally pumped full of drugs that often leave them barely conscious, or fully … Continue reading

Setting the Standard Lack of Federal Guidance Leads Washington State to Regulate Cannabis Testing Without guidelines for cannabis testing at the federal level, the Washington State legislature has taken matters into its own hands. Determined to provide safe products to consumers, the government body has decided to create its own uniform standards for testing and … Continue reading

CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA LEGALIZES RECREATIONAL CANNABIS USE AND CULTIVATION The Australian capital of Canberra made history on Wednesday, becoming the first city in the country to legalize marijuana. The landmark measures were passed in the Australian Capital Territory [ACT] Legislative Assembly, clearing the way for individuals there aged 18 and over to possess and grow cannabis. … Continue reading