Pot Charge Dropped After Lab Admits it Can’t Tell Hemp from Cannabis A man narrowly avoided prosecution for possessing a legally purchased hemp product. In Virginia, a man almost landed in jail for legally purchasing and possessing hemp flowers. Fortunately for him, it eventually came to light that state labs cannot actually tell the difference … Continue reading

Study Claiming Pot is as Harmful to Fetus’ as Alcohol Used Synthetic Cannabinoid Science is using synthetic cannabinoids and animals to make conclusions about cannabis use during pregnancy. There’s a lot we still don’t know about how cannabis use affects pregnancy. It’s a topic, however, researchers are beginning to grow more and more curious about … Continue reading

Substitute Teacher Fired for Allegedly Smoking Pot in Front of Class This teacher never learned there’s a time and a place for everything. It reads like something from a stoner comedy movie. But according to school officials in North Attleborough, Massachusetts it’s real life. And like the old cliché says, sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. … Continue reading