Chicago Startup to Cover 100 Social Equity Dispensary Applicant Fees To qualify for a loan, social equity applicants are required to fill out a separate form online before November 1st. The burgeoning legal cannabis industry can serve as a new beginning for some—at least, for those with entrepreneurial dreams. Unfortunately, however, not everyone with a … Continue reading

Florida Has Two Initiatives to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Floridians could have the chance to vote on cannabis legalization in next year’s elections. Currently, two cannabis advocacy groups are working to gather signatures of support for two separate legalization initiatives. If both or either of them get enough signatures, they will be on the 2020 ballot. … Continue reading

Long Lines Form on Illinois’ First Day of Recreational Cannabis Sales New Year’s Day marked the first day of recreational cannabis sales in Illinois, and the turnout was outstanding.  According to local reports, lines formed up to several hours before dispensaries opened. While the overall outcome was positive, some customers were struck with sticker shock … Continue reading