California Lab Testing Facility Admits to Faking Pesticide Results During a surprise visit from state inspectors, Sequoia Analytical Labs’ lab director admitted to faking test results for 700 batches of cannabis. A Sacramento, California cannabis testing laboratory is facing permanent shutdown after admitting to faking pesticide results. The company, Sequoia Analytical Labs, is one of … Continue reading

Michigan Requires All Cannabis Cartridges to Be Retested Before Sale Michigan’s ban on cannabis vape products is lifted for any products that test clean after the emergency rules went into place. In the wake of this year’s vaping crisis, in which numerous people around the country experienced lung injury, illness, and even death after vaping, Michigan is taking … Continue reading

Setting the Standard Lack of Federal Guidance Leads Washington State to Regulate Cannabis Testing Without guidelines for cannabis testing at the federal level, the Washington State legislature has taken matters into its own hands. Determined to provide safe products to consumers, the government body has decided to create its own uniform standards for testing and … Continue reading