Austin Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis Vote to effectively decriminalize cannabis in Texas’s most progressive city is ignored by police, who won’t be able to make any possession cases anyway. Last week, the city council in Austin, Texas — almost certainly the most progressive city in a slowly changing, but still undeniably conservative state — voted unanimously … Continue reading

High Times Greats: Interview With Susan Sontag, The Dark Lady Of Pop Philosophy From the March, 1978 issue of High Times comes a fascinating interview with the late, great Susan Sontag. Susan Sontag (1933 – 2004) would have been 87 on January 16. To celebrate, we’re republishing a rare interview with her from the March, 1978 edition of High … Continue reading

Austin Politician Proposes Ban on Using Government Funds for THC Testing If approved, it would echo a move away from cannabis prosecution taking place state-wide. When Texas legalized hemp last year, it threw the state’s marijuana policing into some kind of chaos. All of a sudden, officers were largely left without proper testing technology to determine … Continue reading

$1 Billion Worth of Cannabis Seized in California Hemp Field Bust Authorities say the product’s THC content was too high under state law. A Southern California sheriff’s department made a bust on what its owners had previously presented as a hemp field, uncovering 10 million marijuana plants with “an estimated value of over $1 billion.” On October … Continue reading