Florida Has Two Initiatives to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Floridians could have the chance to vote on cannabis legalization in next year’s elections. Currently, two cannabis advocacy groups are working to gather signatures of support for two separate legalization initiatives. If both or either of them get enough signatures, they will be on the 2020 ballot. … Continue reading

Cannabis with Mold and Yeast Recalled at 144 Colorado Dispensaries Consumers are encouraged to see their doctor if they have health concerns. The city of Denver recently announced that inspectors found potentially harmful contaminants in a large batch of cannabis products. As a result, the company that produced the contaminated weed has issued a recall. Consumers in … Continue reading

Millions Petition Netflix Show with Gay Jesus and Pot-Smoking Mary Many angry Christians are threatening to cancel their Netflix memberships over the controversial release. Whether it is Starbucks coffee cups or stores using the phrase “Happy Holidays,” the winter season seems to be a moment when all sorts of cultural tensions arise. Typically, these are … Continue reading